Welcome all Sim Racing Enthusiasts to the new home of the ARCA Racing Mod v2. If you look through out website, you will find many downloads ranging from 2011 to the current ARCA Racing Series season! We also have various add-ons to help make your racing experience that much more realistic. We also have a great group of designers here who have spent alot of time on this mod and are really excited to see what happens. For all updates on the mod, check here and on our Facebook. If you do have any questions, please email us at arcaracingmod@hotmail.com. Thank you and see you around the site!


2014: Bring It On!

4/30/14 - The 2014 ARCA Racing Series season is in full swing! And so are we, here at the ARCA Racing Mod! We have a lot of things planned for all your sim racers!

We are currently working on 2014 cars that are complete up-to-date, along with a few other special items that will be announced at a later date.

Also, I would like to make this clear to EVERYONE. There is only one individual working on the entire mod, so please do not demand cars or tracks to be created. If individuals continue to ask, the mod will be shut down for good. If you could please refrain from doing so, it would be much appreciated. Plus, who wants to see a great mod like the ARCA Racing Mod shut down? Yep. That is what I thought! 


New Cars Available!

10/10/13 - We have just released a few single cars for the ARCA Racing Mod v2! The cars of John Wes Townley and Chris Bailey have been made available for download! Just head over to the Downloads tab and go to Car Files!

Also, the DuQuoin track that we released last year is in the works of being updated for a more accurate racing experience. Stay tuned for updates on it! For all updates, "Like" us on Facebook at the ARCA Racing Mod!